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All services and events have been cancelled until further notice following recommended precautions from state and CDC authorities.

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Namo Amida Butsu

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Tsuru for Soidarity Rally

Tsuru for Solidarity Rally on June 6, 2020                        Enmanji Invitation

In conjunction with the Tsuru for Solidarity Rally in Washington, D. C. on June 6, 2020, Enmanji has been invited to participate as an off-site venue.  In Washington, D. C. there will be a 10-12 minute ceremony to honor and recite/chant the names of a) the 200 individuals who have died in ICE custody in the past year and b) the 120,000 + persons of Japanese ancestry who experienced the WW11 incarceration, thereby interlinking the two communities in a ceremonial way.  During the same time, Enmanji will hold a 10-12 minute ceremony.  Tentatively, the time would be around 8:15 a.m. West Coast time.

The format for the ceremony at Enmanji is the following:  ringing of the kansho (bell), burning incense (oshoko), and chanting Juseige prior to the recitation period.

The recitation depends on the number of people participating in the ceremony.  If there were 10 people, each person would recite 20 different names each that have died in ICE custody (20 names in one minute) simultaneously for one minute.  After this recitation, there would be a recitation for a portion of the 120,000+ who were incarcerated during WW11 for five minutes, one-minute intervals of 20 different names simultaneously.  The last one-minute recitation would be the names of family members who were incarcerated during WW11.

Enmanji joins other temples in the Jodo Shinshu, Nichirenshu, Zenshu, Shingonshu, and other schools of Buddhism.  

If you would like to participate in the national recitation project (that would be
10-12 minutes) at Enmanji, please contact Darryl Yagi, Enmanji representative at no later than February 27, 2020.

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