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January 22, 2023 - Letter From The Mud Family Service is online


In-person Services at Enmanji Temple


In-person services are held at the Enmanji Buddhist Temple on selected Sundays.  Please refer to the monthly calendar on this website for the dates and time.  All are welcome.

To attend an in-person service our Safety Committee has a few protocols that should be followed.  Everyone who attends a service should have been Covid vaccinated.  If you have not already presented your vax to us in the past please bring your card with you.  Once you have presented your card you will no longer be asked to do so again.  We will be keeping a list of individuals who have presented their vaccination information to us.

The service reservation requirement we once observed is no longer taking place.   All attendees of our in-person services are to be masked.



New gallery photos - Minister's visit to Charles M. Schulz Museum

Historic Enmanji Buddhist Temple est 1928

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